Welcome to Gunnar's Boat Tours - at the heart of Sweden's west coast

Would you like to experience the unique archipelago, taste the finest seafood and meet people who live and work on Sweden's west coast? You've come to the right place! A warm welcome to Gunnar's Boat Tours.

Gunnar's Boat Tours has conducted ferry services in the Bohuslän archipelago for 40 years. Our business consists of charter tours for tourists and accommodation, scheduled tours for local traffic (Västtrafik) and school traffic. The company currently has three boats that are fast and seaworthy, and which take 12 to 95 passengers.


Charter tours and excursions

Come with us on a tour of the Bohuslän archipelago. Our home waters are the coast around Marstrand, Tjörn, Stenungsund and Orust, but we also pick up guests in Gothenburg and travel north to show off the beautiful gems that we know so well. Gunnar's Boat Tours has a long and close collaboration with most of the restaurants and conference facilities along our coastline. For those who wish, we serve food and drink on board. We are fully licensed and serve seafood, which is fresh every day. Click here for menu.

Please feel free to let us know your wishes and requirements. Our goal is to make your trip both safe and memorable. Our seagoing experience and personal service is something we take seriously. Plus don't forget that it's not just in summer that you can enjoy the archipelago. It is just as beautiful and exciting during spring, autumn and winter.

We can also offer accommodation for small groups or families. On Dyrön we have two different options that can be hired from one day up to a weekly basis. Please contact us for more information.


Some of our frequently requested tours are:


Gothenburg - Marstrand

In two hours, we will take you from Lilla Bommen - or any other location in the Gothenburg harbour - up past islands such as Fotö, Hönö, Öckerö, Hälsö, Björkö, Knippla, Hyppeln and Rörö. After this it is just Sälöfjorden left before we reach Albrektsunds channel on the way into Marstrand. Once there, you will encounter an exciting story in a wonderful village. In Marstrand there is a wide range of restaurants and accommodation. The village is also known as a sailing paradise with regular events during the summer.

TIP: If you wish, we can arrange a bus trip for your return journey.


'Tjörn around'

A trip that takes four hours or more, where you experience everything from the fjord between the islands to the open western sea, past places like Skärhamn, Klädesholmen and Kyrkesund.

Tips on trips...

  • Stenungsbaden with restaurant and spa facility
  • Mollösund with Mollösunds Inn, the harbour and drying racks for fish
  • Kyrkesund with the storehouse on Härön and the narrow sailing troughs
  • Skärhamn with Nordic Watercolour Museum, restaurants and shopping
  • Klädesholmen with Salt & Sill, herring museum and herring factories
  • Rönnäng with the tavern Skärgår'n and brewing centre
  • Åstol with Åstols smokehouse, cafe and distinctive buildings
  • Dyrön with Dyrö tavern, footpath and nature experiences
  • Hättan with pilot lookout and breathtaking views


Marstrand - Käringön

We take you between two of Bohuslän's most famous gems along the beautiful E6 at sea. The tour goes over the Marstrand fjord and in between the islands past Klädesholmen, Skärhamn, Kyrkesund and Mollösund. Once at the Käringön we can recommend a visit to Peterson's Pub, with its dining right on the water's edge. The trip between Marstrand and Käringön also goes as scheduled in July and first week of August.


Around the islands

A tour that takes you around the archipelago for around two hours. You get the opportunity to see the islands in the Marstrand fjord and experience the distinctive nature up close.


For more information on our tours and excursions as well as price information, please contact:

Annika Kristensson, accountable charter / tours and accommodation

Tel : +46 768-78 98 53

E-mail: info@gunnarsbatturer.com


Scheduled traffic

Gunnar's Boat Tours also operates regular services on the waters around Marstrand:


Rörtången - Brattön - Lövön - Älgön

Route 326


Year-round service for local traffic (Västtrafik)

These tours are always scheduled to connect with buses to/from Kungälv and Gothenburg.  See more at www.vasttrafik.se


Compulsory seat reservation between October 1 and April 15, at the latest on the evening before travelling, telephone 0706-77 58 55.


Price: Västtrafik's rates apply for this route.


Rörtången - Krokholmen / Hättan - Risön - Dyrön

From October 1st until December 9th.


Price: Gunnar's Boat Tours

Adult Return  SEK 160  (SEK 100 one way)

Children 7-16 years Return SEK 80 (one way SEK 50)

Children under 7 free


Rökan - Krokholmen / Hättan - Risön - Dyrön - Åstol

The trips from Rökan has ended for this season. To go to Risön and Hättan, se the time table from Rörtången above.


Price: Gunnar's Boat Tours

Adult Return  SEK 160  (SEK 100 one way)

Children 7-16 years Return SEK 80 (one way SEK 50)

Children under 7 free


Marstrand - Tjörn

The trips between Marstrand and Tjörn has ended for this season. Thanks to all passengers who has travelled with us this summer, and most welcome back next year!



Marstrand - Skärhamn - Kyrkesund - Mollösund - Käringön

The trips between Marstrand and Käringön has ended for this season. Thanks to all passengers who has travelled with us this summer, and most welcome back next year!


Observe! Reservation required on this route. Call +46 (0)706 77 58 55 or e-mail info@gunnarsbatturer.com.

A very warm welcome on board!